Putting down roots

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Studio Kirkland just got a little more permanent.  As of mid-July, we officially became land-owners!  I say land owners because, although there is a house on the property we bought, it’s currently unlivable.  (Unlivable, as in I already stuck my foot through the floor of the kitchen while trying to walk to the back of the house.) We just can’t bring ourselves to do things the easy way, I guess.  That’s kind of an overarching theme of our life.  So over the next year, we (along with a team of cracker jack Architects) will demo and rehab our unlivable gem and turn it into a modern wonder.  In the meantime, we will share lots of BEFORE pics, including some of the contents of the yet-to-be-explored cellar.  (Think: 50 year old pickles.) SO dang exciting!

Here’s a sneak peek:











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Sometimes you eat the food.

Sometimes the food eats you.

Hello Again!

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A friend of mine recently requested that I start blogging again, and I definitely agree that I miss it.  Not that I have any particular bit of genius to impart on this world (quite the opposite, probably), but blogging has a way of clearing my head (which I’m always sorely in need of) and helping to put in perspective the beauty of my life.

Folks, my life is so good.  Our life is so good.  And I don’t mean just my little family unit, but this whole big world around is JUST. SIMPLY. STUNNING.  And amazing.  And inspiring.  And, also, I’m caffeinated (which always helps put a sunny spin on life for me).

Studio Kirkland is designed to be a space where we can share and record snippets of our life–Our funny little family, our endless silly projects, and my continued obsession with capturing it all on camera.

So there, I broke the ice.  I’m officially a blogger again.  Let’s see if this sticks or not.






Movie Night at Studio Kirkland

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Here’s the deal. We like interesting movies. You like interesting movies. We have a projector. Let’s get together!

First up: The Story of the Weeping Camel – a beautifully shot, leisurely paced pseudo-documentary about a family of camel shepherds in the Mongolian desert.  Don’t let the subtitles or exotic locale scare you: this is a lovely, charming movie.  You’ll like it.

So: join us!  Come on by our place next Friday, April 27, at 7:30 or so.  We’ll start the film at 8pm.

We’ll have popcorn; BYOB.  See you then!